Infant Oral Care

Start Early

Why Are Milk Teeth Important?

Healthy milk teeth are vital to the baby’s total health. Parents often ask why baby teeth are important if they are going to fall out anyway. Problems may arise if they are lost too early.

  1. Milk teeth are important for the overall development of the oral cavity including the jaws.
  2. The permanent teeth develop from the same tooth buds as the milk teeth.
  3. The milk teeth guide the eruption pathway of the permanent teeth. If milk teeth are damaged or absent, they are unable to help guide permanent teeth into their proper places, thus causing crowding of permanent teeth or “crooked adult teeth”.
  4. The muscles of the jaw and the formation of the jawbones depend on the milk teeth.
  5. The milk teeth maintain the spaces for the permanent teeth to take up a space in the jaws.
  6. The roots of the milk teeth provide an opening for the permanent teeth to erupt.
  7. The milk teeth are important for the proper development of a child’s speech, formation of words and sounds when speaking.
  8. The proper chewing of food is important in the overall nutrition, growth and development of the child.
  9. Abscesses on milk teeth can cause permanent teeth to come out deformed and discoloured.
  10. Well-maintained milk teeth contribute to the smile, overall appearance and self-esteem of the child.

Good Habits For Baby: Getting Started.

You need to devote just 5-10 minutes a day to keep your baby’s mouth clean.

First place your baby in a comfortable position to easily access the mouth for cleaning.

Your baby’s mouth is very sensitive so be gentle when cleaning his/her teeth and gums. It is important to clean your baby’s teeth extra thoroughly at bedtime as harmful bacteria settle more easily on your baby’s teeth due to reduced production of saliva at night.

Examine your child’s mouth regularly by lifting the lip to look for signs of teething, white spots, discolouration or decay on the outside and inside surfaces of the milk teeth. The presence of visible plaque on your baby’s teeth is a good predictor of future risk towards cavities.

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