How often should my child’s toothbrush be changed?

A toothbrush has to be changed every two to three months.If your child has been ill change the toothbrush as the old one tends to harbour the bugs that might have caused the illness.

Is fluoride important for my child’s teeth?

Fluoride helps teeth become stronger and resistant to decay.

How is fluoride applied to teeth?

Fluoride is applied topically to the teeth using toothpaste, gels, varnishes or mouth rinses.

What are some of the risk factors associated with dental decay?

  • Mother with siblings with caries experience.
  • Limited or no oral hygiene provided by parents
  • No family dentist
  • Infrequent or irregular dental visits
  • No belief in prevention
  • Fear of dentistry

What are fissure sealants?

The grooves and the depressions that form the chewing surfaces of the teeth are extremely difficult to clean. Sealant material is a resin typically applied to protect these susceptible areas. Sealants last for several years but need to be checked during regular appointments.


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